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We provide complete room design along with budget sensitive or high-end furniture recommendations for your home with sensitivity to client preferences. Clients will receive cohesive furniture, rug, window treatments, upholstery and décor recommendations with product links based on the scale of the room, budget and style preferences. This package starts from $350 per room and includes the following:

  • Video consultation or in home meetings if necessary (when local to Columbus, OH area)
  • 2D Room floorplans and layout
  • Room design with Moodboard : Using material samples, inspiration photos, 3D concept showing the overall look & feel of the room with paint colors, furniture, décor, rug, lighting solutions, upholstery, window treatments, accessories etc… with shopping links
  • Exact Paint recommendations (brand of your choice)
  • Custom design including flooring, countertops, cabinet styles, colors and hardware selection (wherever applicable)
  • For additional fee: 3D rendered view with mock up furniture & color scheme
Sample Mood boards


Accent wall or a statement wall is something which grabs a person’s attention when walking into a room. This is something that will bring that ‘wow factor’ to a home. It stands out and at the same time compliments the rest of the furniture and décor. A simple accent wall build can totally transform the vibe and will definitely be the conversation topic among your guests.

All you need to do is provide the dimensions for the wall and inspiration pictures, if you have any. We will design the wall to suit your space and provide you with color options. Once design is finalized, we will provide you the exact build & installation quote. Each build is unique and it varies depending upon the size, material, labor and complexity of the project. Upon your acknowledgement, we will purchase materials and do most of the cut and prep work beforehand to allow minimal installation time. The last stage would be installation on-site based on your availability.

Note: The build service applicable only when local to Columbus, OH area. You can also choose design only option for your accent wall. We will provide you with design, 3d view, paint color options and cut list. The detailed cut list will help you do the project on your own.

Phase – 1: DESIGN: Custom Wall design concept – 3D view, Paint Color options. (rate starts from $250, depending on size)

Phase – 2: BUILD: Includes material procurement, transportation, off-site build, on-site prep & installation, Paint, Finish & clean up. (rate varies depending upon the size, material, labor and complexity of the build)

Do you have a furniture that you absolutely love but lacks style / color? Or do you want to upgrade your furniture and put it to a different use? We can help you transform the furniture in just the way you want it! Upcycling a furniture is not only a cost effective way, but also helps our environment.

The scope of work includes fixing damages, upgrade hardware and giving it a beautiful finish. Upcycling can be done to either refurbishing existing client owned furniture to match Interior style or buying from thrift stores to suit client’s need & style. The rate varies depending upon the size, material and complexity of the project.


  • For build projects, fees will be calculated based on the extent of work, material cost & labor. Delivery free only if local to Columbus, OH area.
  • For all services, 30% shall be paid in advance and remaining shall be paid at the end of the consultation / build work.

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About the Designer

Preethi has been in this industry for over 14+ years. She specializes in designing residential, hotel and commercial work spaces. Additionally, she also designs and builds furniture, products & Interiors herself for clients. You can also follow along her blog where she provides free tutorial plans for the products she builds and posts room makeovers and useful tips.

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