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The Nomad Studio


We are

Preethi & Naveen

(pree-th-ee) & (n-uh-v-ee-n)

Welcome to the Nomad Studio! We are so glad that you found us! Hope you will stay a while and explore our blog. 

A Little about us…

We are a combo of Architect and Software engineer by profession. Naveen is a software engineer who is very fond of cars, driving, PC gaming and adores cats. Preethi is a designer, who is very creative, curious, loves to dance, paint, tinker, thinks out of the box and provides a fresh outlook on life. Together we love road trips, driving through wilderness, directionless day trips, exploring less travelled roads, short hikes, trying local food, always excited to try different cuisines, racing each other on forza (game), watching movies alone at home, camping under stars and chat with each other till we fall asleep. We are not full-time travelers. But we travel to work and work to travel! Both of us are determined to chase our true happiness and make every day interesting through all means.

How did our travel adventure start?

Initially, just like everyone, we used to travel to different cities, travel where friends & colleagues recommend and visit all popular & usual spots. But then our perspective of travel totally changed after just one trip in march 2014 – TO HELL AND BACK! RETURN FROM RACTRACK PLAYA | DEATH VALLEY We were visiting the Racetrack Playa, a secluded spot inside Death Valley with very bad road access. We got into some unexpected situations and were literally scared to death. For the first time we had to navigate in dark through mountain roads (gravel/ washboard, icy, muddy roads) with no phone signal, narrow slippery off-road driving over the mountain (high elevations), falling rocks to tackle, unexpected snow and really deep icy water puddles. It was a long frightening night, but somehow, we made out safe. It was dreadful only because we did not research properly about the terrain and did not have any kind of experience on off road driving or had any proper precautions to handle any problems.

We would say that the trip out of Death Valley was the time when our real thirst for adventure travel started. That’s when both of us felt what an adventure really is. That heightened gushing feel of fear and excitement is hard to describe. You have got to experience it yourself. That’s when we realized what we really like, what we want to do and how we want to travel. P.S: After couple of years we visited the same route to overcome our fear and to see how it looked in daylight. By that time, we gained little experience in such kind of travels. So, it was quiet an easy off-road drive.


Everyone likes to travel in different ways. We like to travel at our own comfort with our own mode of transport. Seriously, if your travel is not comfortable enough, you won’t be able to enjoy the real adventure ahead of you. “Journey is more important than destination”. That is why we built our own travel trailer with all the comforts we need. That is one of our first DIY build. The trailer is only 6x12ft but accommodates a bed, kitchen, shower, toilet, water, solar power and lots of storage. Since we have a mobile home, it makes it easier to take month long trips, camp in middle of nowhere and mainly be safe from wildlife. We have taken a couple of 10,000 mile trip to Alaska and northern Canada with our trailer and those are still our very memorable trips by far.

Meet ‘Nimo’ (Nissan Murano) & ‘Cloud’ 😃
Muncho lake | British Columbia |

DIY PROJECTS Another major Category of 'The Nomad Studio'

White and Gold Marble Epoxy Coffee table

This is Preethi’s niche. Initially, this blog was started just for sharing DIY projects. Later, our combined interest on road trips, food and traveling has taken over the website into a different level. As a couple, we love to do our own builds such as furniture, organizers, home decors, mobile home and mechanical improvements to our car. They are generally based on our day to day home and travel needs. Most of the time, we are just lazy to document them.😜 Since mid of 2020, we have started to post DIY projects regularly. Each month we share new and affordable project tutorials, crafts, furniture and home decors that anyone with beginner skills can create and enjoy!



[themify_box style_small=”green info”]Why the name nomad?[/themify_box]

Thats how both of our lifestyle has been from our childhood days. We share a similar family background where our parents get transfered once in two or three years (or even lesser). So each time we enjoy moving to a different place, new school, new language, new friends & new home with our family. It could be a Cosmo city, a town or even a village with no proper facilities! Everywhere, we follow the same rule ‘Survival of the fittest’ . And we enjoy a lot more by overcoming the disadvantages we face as family. We both got hitched with our parents grace & now we are still ‘Nomads’ by our own! 🙂

[themify_box style_small=”green info”]Our travel goals[/themify_box]

Our bucket list is kinda vast and keeps expanding! 🙂 Travelling off the beaten tracks in our own mode of transport at our own pace surrounded by serene and untouched landscape is how we like to roll rather than experiencing a busy urban environment.  Mother nature’s craft is endlessly astonishing and we want to explore every bit of it. Our dream come true would be go on an epic Roadtrip around the world! Hope it comes true soon. 

However, here are few destinations from our bucket list:  Egypt , Bora Bora, Asia Food tour, Drive into Australian wilderness, Autobahn & Nurburgring in Germany, Iceland, Cyclades, The Alps…

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