The Nomad Studio

Preethi & Naveen

(pree-th-ee) & (n-uh-v-ee-n)


We are just your next door couple, who loves to travel (especially roadtrips) and try different cuisines.Here we share about our travel experiences, tips and photographs.
Well, not just that. we also post DIY home projects for the art enthusiasts.

The Nomad Studio

A Little Bit About us…

We are a combo of Architect and Software engineer by profession. Both of us lovvvveee to travel (especially road trips) & try different food styles and cuisines. We are a big time foodies but not towards cooking, unfortunately. Although we enjoy cooking together, making a mess each time, which finally ends up delicious !  We cherish our little life together by creating memories through all means.

We started this as a blog to share our experiences and our little knowledge with you. Each day all of us come across lots of stuffs, people & our life teaches small things which we may or may not realize then. So we just thought why not share it !

Even if you gain a tiny idea/knowledge from us, we are most glad & happy to hear. 

Why the name nomad?

Thats how both of our lifestyle has been from our childhood days. We share a similar family background where our parents get transfered once in two or three years (or even lesser). So each time we enjoy moving to a different place, new school, new language, new friends & new home with our family. It could be a Cosmo city, a town or even a village with no proper facilities! Everywhere, we follow the same rule ‘Survival of the fittest’ . And we enjoy a lot more by overcoming the disadvantages we face as family. We both got hitched with our parents grace & now we are still ‘Nomads’ by our own! 🙂

Our travel goals

Our bucket list is kinda vast and keeps expanding! 🙂 Travelling off the beaten tracks in our own mode of transport at our own pace surrounded by serene and untouched landscape is how we like to roll rather than experiencing a busy urban environment.  Mother nature’s craft is endlessly astonishing and we want to explore every bit of it. Our dream come true would be go on an epic Roadtrip around the world! Hope it comes true soon. 

However, here are few destinations from our bucket list:  Egypt , Bora Bora, Asia Food tour, Drive into Australian wilderness, Autobahn & Nurburgring in Germany, Iceland, Cyclades, The Alps…

  • To travel is to Live !

    – Hans Christian Andersen

  • ” The world is a book and Those who do not travel read only one page”

    –  St.Agustine

     … and we chose to read the whole book! 

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