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Initially, “The Nomad Studio” was started just for sharing DIY projects. Later, our combined interest on road trips, food and traveling has taken over the website into different level. As a couple, we love to do our own builds like furniture, organizers, home decors, mobile home and mechanical improvements to our car. They are generally based on our day to day home and travel needs. Most of the time, we are just lazy to document them 😛 Anyways, we will try to post here as much as we can! Thank you for visiting 🙂

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Popular Project Tiny Mobile home

‘We bought a 6x 12ft cargo trailer and converted it into our mobile home for travelling! Its a self contained trailer with all the amenities like kitchenette, Bed, Solar power, water tank with hot/cold supply, shower and tons of storage.  Check out the video to learn more…’

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